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 Objective: Analysis of the following Case Study from the perspective of Object Oriented Approach

Problem Description: Course Registration System

A Course Registration System needs to be developed for an engineering college. The college wants an automated system to replace its manual system for the purpose of registration of students to branches and calculation of fees for each year. The engineering college provides graduation courses in various branches of engineering.
The system will be used by the admin staff to register students, admitted to the college to the branches, at the time of joining the college and also to calculate the yearly fees for the students. The student has to register every year for the next academic year. The Admin takes care of the yearly registration of the students and the calculation of yearly fees. The system needs to be authenticated with a login id and password.
Registration of a student to a branch is based on the qualifying exam marks and the entrance counseling. For every branch, a yearly branch fee is applicable. Discounts are given to the branch fees of the first year based on the qualifying exam marks. In addition to this, there is a registration fee which is applicable to the first year students. Students can opt to be a day scholar or hostelite. Annual bus fee is applicable to the day scholars based on the distance they travel. Annual hostel fee is applicable for all the hostelites. Annual infrastructure fees and library fee is also applicable to all the students. Admin calculates the yearly college fees for each student and the college fees include all the fees specified earlier based on the type of student. Admin will provide a printed receipt of the fees to the students once the annual college fees have been paid. At the time of registration, student has to provide the permanent address and in case the student is opting to be a day scholar, he/she has to provide the residential address also.


Now, after thorough reading the above problem, we need to extract some crucial points, without writing them into sentences again, because those points will take us closer to the object oriented design phase. 
Lets get started :

Step 1 :
First of all we need to extract the purpose from the whole description  given above in just few points, as it will enable us to have a clear cut target. So the purpose of above long description is as follows :

1.  Registration of the students to the available branches.
2. Calculation of annual fees.

Step 2 :
Since, we are seeing the problem from the object oriented point of view, therefore, we need to make out what kind of actors / entities / objects are involved in our problem.

The whole problem revolves around one important object and i.e. 'Student'.

So, 'Student' can be seen as an actor or entity  or an object .

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