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What is web ?

Web is a system of hypertext documents interlinked to each other.

Why is this Web required ?

The websites which we visit, e.g. facebook, wikipedia and many more, are accessed using Web. It makes information available anywhere in the World.

How do we use Web ?

  • Each and every resource present on the Web, which we also call as Web-pages, is given an unique and identifiable address called as URL( Uniform Resource Locator).
  • In-order to visit these web-pages, we need Web Browsers (e.g. google chrome, Internet explorer, mozilla-firefox, Opera, Safari ), where we write URL of the required web-page which we want to visit in the address bar of the Web Browser.
  • Internet connection is required to carry this request(request for web-page) to the Web and bring response( Web-pages ) from the Web back to user.
Web browser sending request and receiving response from Web via internet
Web-page request and response

Web- History and Evolution

In year 1989, Sir Tim Berners-Lee ( who is also known as the father of the WWW( World Wide Web) ) elaborated an IMS (Information Management System) that he built in 1980 which he named 'ENQUIRE' and  wrote a proposal based on it.
In the year 1990, He wrote a more formal proposal to build a Hypertext Project called 'WWW i.e World Wide Web'. In this year Lee used a computer named 'NEXT' as a world's first web server.
Tim Berners Lee with his world's first web server(NEXT)
Tim Berners Lee with his world's first web server(NEXT)

World's first Web Server (NEXT)
World's first Web Server (NEXT)
  • In the same year i.e. 1990, he also wrote world's first web browser.
  • In the year 1991, the WWW ( World Wide Web ) was made available to public.
  • In the year 1993, the CERN announced WWW ( World Wide Web ) free to all without any kind fees. This year was the beginning of the era of Web 1.0
  • The year 2003, with considerable modifications Web 2.0 launched.

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